XXVIII Seve Ballesteros Junior Tournament

Foto de grupo de los niños participantes en el XXVIII Seve Ballesteros Junior Tournament

31 children between the ages of 8 and 14 participated in the XXVII edition of the junior tournament offered by Seve Ballesteros Foundation each year.

Federico Aja, Mayor of Marina de Cudeyo and Pedro Ocejo, Councilman of Sports, Valentin Trueba, President of the La Junquera Golf Club, Vicente Ballesteros, Seve Ballesteros’ brother and Almudena Garcia from the Seve Ballesteros Foundation, presided over the delivery of awards at the La Marina de Pedreña Restaurant.
Pedreña, Cantabria, 7 September 2012.- The Seve Ballesteros Foundation, a private non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for brain tumor research, yesterday celebrated its twenty-eight edition of the Seve Ballesteros Junior Tournament at the municipal golf course in La Junquera in Pedreña.

The tournament was supported by the City of Marina de Cudeyo, the Superior Council of Sports, and its Junior Sport Foundation among several other commercial sponsors that offered prizes and gifts for the participants. Sponsors included Callaway, Titleist, Sony, HUGO BOSS, Talayuela Golf, and La Valmuza Golf Resort.

Standing out in all three categories was the outstanding behavior of the participating children who were treated to lunch at the end of the tournament as well as an awards ceremony and raffle. Winners in each category, accompanied by Vicente Ballesteros, placed a bouquet of flowers next to the magnolia where Severiano Ballesteros’ ashes lay in his house in Pedreña. The flowers were meant to symbolize the memory and gratitude of all young golfers in the region.

The winners in each category are listed below:

Benjamin Category

1st  Miguel Rodriguez Lamana
2nd  Angel Vera San Emeterio
3rd  Javier Cascales Torre
4th  Ignacio Viadero Canduela
5th  Patricia Castañedo de las Cuevas

Alevin Category

1st  Javier Sainz de Rozas
2nd  José López-Muñiz
3rd  Samuel Espinosa Trueba
4th  Javier Gonzalez Guemes
5th  Marta Sánchez Avendaño

Infantil Category

1st  Mario Pérez Santana
2nd  Ignacio Trabanco Martínez
3rd  Alejandro Rubio Moreno
4th  Luis Sainz de Rozas
5th  Jana Lavin Pérez