Golf in Hospitals

Miguel Ballesteros y Paco Arango durante la inauguración del espacio de golf en un hospital

The Seve Ballesteros Foundation promotes golf games with adapted programmes led by Jesús Rodríguez, who has an extensive experience in teaching golf to children. The idea is to start playing golf through games, while introducing new challenges to keep them focused and interested, such as putting, chipping and driving competitions. Children can enjoy recreational activities in the open air, supporting their recovery.

The Seve Ballesteros Foundation helped in the building of a children playground facility at Valdecilla Hospital, where most of the 80 square meter area is dedicated to golf. The playground also includes swings, table football, table tennis and a playing area. All golf activities have been designed to create a safe environment by using foam balls, nets and velcro targets.

The Seve Ballesteros Foundation collaborates in Santander with non-profit organizations, in different projects related to golf led by Santiago Carriles, a golf teaching specialist and a regular collaborator.

The Foundation and the Aladina Foundation have also created a facility dedicated to golf  for Children at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid, on five balconies next to the oncohaematology pediatric ward of the maternity and children’s hospital in the medical center. The Children with cancer admitted to hospital can enjoy golf classes and recreational activities in the open air, supporting Children´s recovery, while making their stay more enjoyable. Outings are also regulary organized, so that children have contact with the challenges found on golf courses and enjoy natural environments.

Miguel Ballesteros “My brother Javier, sister Carmen and I are delighted with this project which has been developed with the help of the Aladina Foundation. It is invaluable to us that golf and its values are part of the children’s recovery process whilst fighting against cancer. The Foundation’s golf programs primary aim is to introduce children to the game of golf.  From which they could benefit emotionally and physically”.

Jesús Rodriguez, head of the golf program fostered by the Seve Ballesteros Foundation said: “This is the most special and beautiful project in which I have participated so far. We will look through sport and golf, the young patients and their families to have a new experience each day and help them in the difficult process of their hospital stay”.

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