XXIX Seve Ballesteros Junior Tournament

This competition was for Seve the most special of all, his junior event, under 14. It took place today at Pedreña Golf Course, was first held in 1985 and celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2014.

Seve used to remember his teenage years when it was difficult for him to play golf, and wanted to support young golfers from the area. This was the main reason for him to stage this event, year after year, with his personal involvement and enthusiasm. He always made sure the event fit into his schedule in order to be with the kids. Callaway, Hugo Boss and Titleist have supported the event by donating prizes and gifts.

The winner of the Benjamin division has been Javier Cascales scoring 35 shots; Samuel Espinosa has been the winner among the Alevines with a round of 38; Marcelo Rodriguez-Altonaga has been the best among the Infantiles scoring 77, and Hugo Medrano the Infantil division with a score of 53.

Javier Ballesteros, president of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation: “Today has been a very special day for my brother, my sister and myself. We always played this event because we knew how important it was for our dad. When we were kids we did win editions and he felt really proud of handing the trophy to us”.


Categoría Benjamín

1º Cascales Torre, Javier – 35

2º Castanedo, Pablo – 36

3º Viadero Canduela, Ignacio – 38

 Categoría Alevín

1º Espinosa Trueba, Samuel – 38

2º Sánchez Avendaño, Marta – 49

3º González Guemes, Javier – 51

Categoría Infantil

1º Rodríguez-Altonaga, Macelo – 77

2º Campollo Canduela, Belén – 89

3º Láinz del Valle, Jerónimo – 96

Categoría  Especial

1º Medrano del Pie, Hugo – 53

2º Portilla Quintana, Daniela Andrea – 56

3º Medrano del Pie, Alex – 68