The Desafio is a series of charity golf events staged by the Seve Ballesteros Foundation, with the funds raised being allocated to brain tumour research, as well as to help young golf players. The I Edition of the Desafio took place in April 2011 and over 12,000 players of all ages participated in 140 golf courses across Spain. Thanks to the funds raised at the I Desafio, on November 14th, 2011 the Foundation reached an agreement with the National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) by which the Fundacion Seve Ballesteros Laboratory-CNIO was created to focuson research on tumours of the central nervous system.

The VI Edition of the Desafio will take place in 2019 in 25 golf courses across Spain. The winners will enjoy a weekend in Santander participating in the Final at Pedreña Golf Club, with a visit to the  Seve´s Trophy Room.